Lindsay Lohan sat down with Oprah Winfrey for her first interview on OWN’s “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” The starlet just finished her sixth stint in rehab and revealed she has felt different since leaving the facility in Malibu, Calif.

Lohan is one of the most infamous troubled starlets, continually getting into trouble ever since she became an A-list celeb with the 2004 hit film “Mean Girls.” She was labeled as a dysfunctional drug addict whose parents exploited her in the tabloids, but, on Sunday night, the 27-year-old took the opportunity to set the record straight with the platform provided to her by Winfrey.

“I think in the past I’ve never really surrendered to the fact I just need to shut up and listen,” Lohan said. After her last stint in rehab, she said she craved spirituality, as opposed to the past when she was in “in denial” about her troubled state and “guarded” with her feelings.

When Winfrey point-blank asked the redheaded beauty if she was an addict, Lohan said she was, and added that she was addicted to alcohol. In the past, the native of New York’s Long Island said she had only tried cocaine around five times, but on Sunday night she told the renowned talk-show hostess it was more like 10 or 15 times. She giggled and added she only snorted the illegal substance, as opposed to shooting it up. (In 2007, she pleaded guilty to two counts of being under the influence of cocaine.)

But substance abuse may be in the past. “All I can do is live in each moment,” Lohan said. “I don’t have control over tomorrow.” She added that she wanted to get back to work. “I have such a desire to want to keep this feeling and stay that way, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes,” she said. “I really want to be on set. That feeds me.”

Her parents have become almost as big media targets as herself because of the tabloids, but Lohan does not blame them for her troubled past. “Nobody’s perfect. I love my parents,” she said. A voicemail she left her father went viral last October when she accused her mother of being on cocaine. On Sunday, she said that was a lie.

“She wasn’t out of control. I was more out of control. It was a bad mother/daughter fight,” Lohan said. “I said a lot of things that were not true that I was saying spitefully. ... I was acting out, and I was acting like a crazy person, so I knew what was the one thing that would really trigger her and set her off and hurt her. I wasn’t thinking clearly. ... I was really ashamed by that.”

But now she contended she is on the right path to recovery. Toward the end of the interview, Winfrey mentioned that the starlet had planned a trip to Europe, but the hostess urged her to not go on it. Reiterating she was not her coach, but just someone who wanted to see Lohan do well, Winfrey, almost desperately, said, “I want you to win!” At the end of the show, it was made clear that Lohan canceled her planned trip two days after the interview was recorded.

Twitter users have had a strong response to Lohan’s sitdown, with #LindsaysNextChapter trending on the social-media site. Check out some of their reactions below: