Willow Smith's half-shaved hairstyle might have been bold when she made her debut on the music scene more than a year ago, but now she has kicked it up a notch. Smith, 11, has shaved her head completely, and because of it the pop singer's name on Friday became a trending topic on Twitter and a top search word on several sites.

Although she isn't the first celebrity female to shave her head -- the bald and the beautiful previously included Britney Spears, Solange Knowles, and most recently Cynthia Nixon -- the Whip My Hair singer sparked many reactions from people online when she posted pictures of herself.

Here are some of the funniest Twitter reactions to Smith's shaved head:

-- That awkward moment when you find out that Willow Smith shaved her head, so she can no longer whip her hair back and forth.- SoVeryAwkward

-- Willow Smith Shaves Her Head, Maybe She's Tired of Whipping her Hair.-  pinoyhalo

-- Im guessing Willow Smith got fed up of whipping her hair back and forth. - pinklumpysugar

-- willow Smith won't be whipping her hair back and forth any time soon. The 11-yr-old shaved her noggin. TSK -TM ??? href=https://twitter.com/#%21/mitch_ako>mitch_ako

-- Whip My Hair singer Willow Smith has shaved her head............... I guess she's just whipping her scalp now. - TheNickyParis

-- Willow Smith has officially done a Britney Spears, no more whipping her hair back and forth. - JamesSeekings_

-- Breaking: Willow Smith shaves head. Thousands uncertain on what to whip now. - MrWordsWorth

-- Willow smith went all bald finally she only had that little patch on top of her head in the first place. - Brown_SkinBoss