These celebrities are not yet 30, but they are bringing in the big bucks. Amongst the Forbes list of the highest paid celebrities are singers, rappers, athletes and actors. No surprise there.

Leading the pack is Lady Gaga, who was ranked at the highest-paid celebrity under 30. The 25-year-old singer brought in $90 million in the past year alone. The five-time Grammy Award winner just barely surpassed Justin Bieber who at only 17 brought in $53 million from his music and endorsements. Bieber has recently launched a new perfume for women titled Someday.

Following the 'Bieb' is Miami Heat's LeBron James, 26, who earned $48 million. 

In fifth place is tennis star Roger Federer, who barely makes the cut at 29-year-old. The athlete brought in $47 million last year.

Taylor Swift, 21, comes in at number 6 with $45 million, followed by 26-year-old Katy Perry who brought in $44 million. 

Also on the list is Cristiano Ronaldo (who for a short time dated Kim Kardashian). The 26-year-old Real Madrid player earned $38 million. 

Beyonce, 29, is number 8 on the list with $35 million. And in the last two spots of the top 10 highest paid celebrities is Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi, 23, with $32 million, and tennis star Rafael Nadal, 25, with $31 million.

The top 20 list includes Rihanna, 23, with $29 million, Maria Sharapova, 24, with $24 million, Miley Cyrus, 18, with $15 million and Twilight stars Kirsten Steward, 21, with $20 million, and Robert Pattinson, 25, also bringing in $20 million.