Xbox One owners won’t have to purchase subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold to engage in multiplayer gaming on the upcoming Windows 10 platform, confirmed Microsoft director of programming Larry Hryb via Twitter.



When asked if the Redmond, Washington, multimedia conglomerate would require that users upgrade their memberships to Xbox Live Gold, Hryb assured his Twitter followers that an Xbox Live subscription wasn’t necessary to enjoy all of the forthcoming features of Windows 10.

Microsoft hopes the operating system will be transformative for users, especially Xbox One owners. Last week during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, head of Xbox Phil Spencer discussed Windows 10 and its ability to deliver a “unified platform for video games across the full spectrum of devices.”

Spencer hopes the operating system will transform the way fans play video games. Windows 10 will allow players to stream games to their personal computers, engage in multiplayer modes across more than one platform, capture, edit and share video clips and more.

"Today the worlds of home consoles, mobile and so on are segmented,” he added. “We want to unify by allowing people to play their games on any device they own.”

Spencer added that players will soon be able to store game data and information across all of their Windows devices.