Another frigid weather system will affect several states over the weekend. The recent cold snap has already brought ice and freezing temperatures to the western U.S., where Dallas was especially hard hit. Thousands are still without power there, and hundreds of flights from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport were canceled.

The weather system, called winter storm Dion by the Weather Channel, is expected to affect more than a dozen states over the weekend with the National Weather Service issuing alerts for several of them.

Fatalities were reported in San Francisco, where three homeless people died from hypothermia, and two people in Arkansas (one was killed when a tree fell on his camper and another died after crashing into a tree) reports Associated Press. Six other weather-related deaths were reported by NBC News, bringing the current toll to 11. Earlier reports included a a homeless individual who had died from hypothermia in California prior to this week's cold weather system. 

AP has a list of affected states including Arkansas, California, Texas, Washington, New Jersey, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma and Oregon. Five of these states -- Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon and Missouri were hit with heavy snow on Friday and face freezing temperatures for Saturday. More snow is on the way for Colorado and Ohio, while New Jersey is expected to receive a mix of sleet and snow. Residents of Washington and Minnesota are expected to face sub-zero temperatures while California, Nevada and New Mexico are expected to see temperatures in the 30s.

According to AP, more than 117,000 were without power in the Dallas-Fort Worth area while 3,300 travelers stayed overnight at DFW airport. The airport has announced the cancellation of 350 flights and recommends individuals should contact their airlines for updates or to reschedule canceled flights. Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe declared a state of emergency of Friday due to freezing rain, sleet and snow. Reported outages, which could last for a week, affected up to 44,000 homes in the state. The Northeast is expected to have a wet weekend with frigid temperatures while New England could see snow on Monday, reports NBC News.

The National Weather Service has several active alerts and individuals can search warnings by state here. The NWS' short-term forecast is as follows, "Freezing rain and sleet possible from parts of the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Central Appalachians/Northern Mid-Atlantic. Snow from the Middle Missouri Valley to the Upper Great Lakes and over parts of the Mid-Atlantic. Heavy rain possible from the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Tennessee Valley. Temperatures will be 10 to 35 degrees below average from the High Plains to Great Lakes/Central Gulf."