There's no shortage of tribute videos for fans of the much-admired HBO series The Wire. A new one released Monday goes even further than The Greatest Quotes From 'The Wire' and the compilation of Senator Clay Davis' best moments, though, and it does it by acting out the show using Legos.

The video opens with a Lego Omar (scar and all) walking the streets of Bricktimore, a scene that's followed up by the major crimes unit deciding on their plan to go after Avon Bricksdale. Most of the characters sound remarkably similar to the actors who play the equivalent characters on the show, especially Lego Bunk (who comes complete with a cigar).

Lego Jimmy McNulty walks around with a bottle and hooks up with Legos in a bar and Lego Snoop even carries around the drill the real Snoop famously bought from The Home Depot in the beginning of season four. McNulty, Bunk, and Lego Lester Freeman even complain about how tough it is to be a real police.

Somehow, filmmaker Joe Nicolosi was able to make Cedric Daniels just as intense as a Lego and Avon Blocksdale just as volatile as the character that inspired him. Another highlight is the newspaper headline Carcetti to Join Game of Thrones in reference to actor Aiden Gillen's roles on both shows.

Nicolosi directed, wrote, and edited the short video. The oft-lauded depiction of inner-city Baltimore doesn't have quite the same impact when it's told through the eyes of Lego characters, but with the popularity the show has gained since its HBO run ended, it's hard to think this depiction won't be popular among fans as well.