“Witches of East End” left fans with a major cliffhanger tonight during episode 6 of Season 2. Throughout the final moments of “When a Mandragora Loves a Woman” fans watched as Frederick fell to the bathroom floor, with his king branding a-blazin`, apologizing to his grandfather (aka the mad King of Asgard) for “letting him down.”

“I’ll find another way. I promise, grandfather. I promise,” Frederick says before episode 6 concluded

The reason Frederick’s statement is seen as treacherous is because the King of Asgard is the one who the Beauchamp women (and Victor) had fought against during the epic war. During this battle Frederick had betrayed his immediate family by siding with his grandfather. Because of traitorous act the Beauchamp’s have also been weary of him.

That’s why the Beauchamp’s were on their toes when Frederick made his shocking debut into East End – especially Wendy, who has made her skepticism known the moment he walked back into their lives despite Joanna’s plea for peace.

But Frederick hasn’t made it easy for Joanna to come to his aid. Not only does he wear the mark of the King but he’s also played a role in his father’s death by not alerting Joanna when the troubling twins were causing chaos in East End.

Since Victor’s death Joanna has stayed her distance from her son. But during episode 6, the Beauchamp women saw Frederick’s “true colors” when he helped save Aunt Wendy from the menacing Mandragora.

Although Joanna tried to cure Ingrid from her attachment to the Mandragora all she did was jog her daughter’s memory of the terrible things that have occurred in East End throughout the past few days. Now Ingrid can vividly remember the awful, Mandragora-caused deaths as if she was there herself – and she’s blaming herself for their brutal demise.

That’s when Wendy concocts a new – but dangerous – plan to potentially sever Ingrid from the Mandragora. Wendy lathers Ingrid up with oil and gives her the instructions that she will light the liquid on fire but the only thing that will burn is Ingrid’s relationship with the mystical creature – that is if Ingrid doesn’t move. If Ingrid happens to flinch during the spell she will feel the heat from Wendy’s spell by burning alive.

This is all going on while the Mandragora is lurking throughout the Beauchamp household. Wendy decides she’ll stall the creature while Freya finishes the spell. Aunt Wendy tiptoes down the stairs looking for the scaly blue creature but it’s the Mandragora who spots Wendy first. It wrapped it's tentacle around Wendy’s leg and begins pulling her to the closet. But Wendy used her heel to stab the Mandragora.

Ingrid screamed in pain because, as well all know, she is attached to the Mandragora. If it feels pain, she feels pain. If it dies, so does she. That’s why Wendy has to be extremely careful not to injure the Mandragora because the harm she does inflict on the creature resonates throughout Ingrid.

After Freya completes the spell, freeing Ingrid from the Mandragora’s clutches, it’s Wendy who is in peril. She still happens to be caught in the Mandragora’s tentacles. But out of nowhere Frederick shows up with a butcher’s knife. At first Wendy thinks Frederick has come to kill her, however, he ends up slicing the tentacle, freeing Wendy, then stabbing the Mandragora in the chest until it turns into a pile of dust.

By the end of the Mandragora killing, Freya, Wendy and Joanna all apologize to Frederick for ever doubting him. He soaks up the apologies and wears the badge of Mandragora-killer on his chest proudly.

But it isn’t until Frederick is about the hop in the shower do we realize his true intentions. That’s when his branding begins to glow sending him into a seizing fit. As a result he apologizes to his grandfather, revealing that he’ll find another way.

Does he mean another a way to kill the Beauchamp’s?

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