Witches of East End season 2 spoilers
What happened in episode 3 of "Witches of East End"? Lifetime/Witches of East End

“Witches of East End” was full of explosive action when episode 3 aired Sunday. “The Old Man and the Key” began with Joanna taking a peek at her sleeping son. As she watched him sleepily snooze away, a flashback of the war played back in her head.

The flashback revealed that Frederick was the last of the Beauchamps to make it through the portal from Asgard to Earth during their escape from the King. But when he finally did, it was revealed his loyalties lay with his grandfather. Frederick took the key and tossed it back through the portal.

"You broke my heart," his father says to him.

Just then, the King himself comes strolling out of the portal.

“How very nice to have the family together again,” he says sarcastically.

The King reveals he has no interest in killing those who deserted him. Instead he gives them a far worse fate.

“Death is too forgiving,” he said. “I want you to live a long, long time in misery and fear and pain. I want you to suffer as you have made me suffer.”

He then curses them all – giving them a permanent scar to forever haunt them. Before the King slips back into Asgard, Joanna slices off his arm.

But the Beauchamps aren’t the only ones with painful, physical reminders of the past. As it turns out, the King had forced Frederick to sport his symbol on his chest regardless of whether he wanted to – or at least, that’s what Frederick told Joanna and Wendy when they questioned his current loyalty.

Wendy learns that Frederick is sporting the same mark as Dr. Foster, Ingrid’s boss who was killed in episode 2. After Wendy resurrects Dr. Foster, he freaks out and claims Wendy, too, is working hand-in-hand with the monster that attacked him.

Did Frederick have something to do with the two deaths in East End? Wendy seems to think so, and Joanna hasn’t ruled her theory out as a crazy idea either. That’s why the two decide to cast a spell that allows them to track Frederick's whereabouts.

The first vision is rather frightening as it shows Frederick stealing a knife from the Beauchamp kitchen.

"That isn't good," Wendy says.

A second vision then showcases Frederick wandering through the woods to a location near where the victims were killed. But Joanna quickly realizes that the third vision of Fredrick isn’t a vision at all. He’s actually there, shirtless, in the woods speaking in tongues, which Wendy describes as Old Norse. Fans can then watch Fredrick as he sacrifices a bird.

Joanna’s son claims he was trying to perform a “self-cleansing” ritual. He apparently is distraught over what has happened in Asgard – or what’s left of it. Joanna says she believes her son and even goes as far as to say she’s sorry she couldn’t save him from his grandfather that night. But it’s Frederick who takes the blame, saying it was his fault. He had the choice to betray them and he did.

Frederick, however, isn’t the only Beauchamp cauldron-deep in drama. Both his sisters are facing their own witchy hurdles throughout episode 3. Ingrid is currently in the middle of moving out while dealing with Dash’s new, untrained powers, and Freya is attempting to cope with the hard truth that her soulmate has just married an island beauty named Eva.

Eventually Freya does get Killian to return to East End after she travels to Santa Domingo to reveal to the love of her life that his mother had died. Eva doesn’t hesitate to pack their bags. Once Killian agrees to return home, our first thought was: How will Dash react to his brother’s return?

Dash has been tormented with the idea that he had killed his brother. He's even seeing visions of his alleged dead kin. But when Killian does appear the two embrace each other just as siblings should. Thankfully it’s due to Killian’s lack-of-memory. As he told Freya, he can’t remember a thing since preparing to leave the dock. Dash is one lucky warlock – you know, considering this is the second bullet he’s dodged starting with killing his blackmailer.

After Dash learned who was threatening him, he decided to show who should really be afraid of whom. He lit his blackmailer’s car on fire, but all that did was spark their rage. Eventually the blackmailer makes his way to Dash’s home – just when Ingrid had arrived to help Dash control his powers. Next thing we know, Dash is strangling the blackmailer with electrified hands. Ingrid then helps Dash dispose of the body so that know one will find it.

“Witches of East End” ends with Victor being tied up in a dungeon. When hearing the news that his son had returned, Victor packed his bags for the Beauchamp household. But unfortunately he was never able to reunite with his son considering the mysterious creator who we've seen lurking through East End had captured him.

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