“Witches of East End” had us on the edges of our broomsticks with the airing of episode 9, “Smells Like King Spirit.” The dark episode began with Dash fuming over Ingrid ignoring his phone calls, which lead to his drinking binge. A sip or two later Dash came across some strange journals after demolishing his bookshelf in his study. One notebook had a photo of Ingrid from a long time ago tucked inside the pages.

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Episode 9 then cut to a scene of Frederick carving up his girlfriend. But he couldn’t finish the deed of turning Caroline into the King’s vessel. Tarkoff is pretty annoyed that Freddie couldn’t complete the task. But the telepathic warlock said he doesn’t even need Caroline anymore. Apparently he found someone “much better.” But before he announced who the ideal vessel was he beat poor Freddie to a pulp to the point where Frederick was barely alive when he walked into the house.

Freya revealed to Ingrid that she slept with Killian during her birthday party. She divulged the entire situation, explaining her confusion of why Killian would stay with Eva despite him previously revealing that he wanted to divorce the island witch for his star-crossed lover.

“She’s messing with his mind,” Freya said. Ingrid, however, was not buying it, saying that Killian married Eva because she’s beautiful, intelligent and sweet. Not because of a potion.

“She is not sweet. She is up to something and I can prove it,” the “smart stalker lady” said.

Frederick told his mother and aunt that Tarkoff is actually a spy for the king. According to Freddie, once he found out Tarkoff’s plan he tried to kill him but because he’s a telepath he could read his mind. Joanna’s son then said that the only person capable of killing Tarkoff is his mother.

“Sorry, mom. Sometimes you can’t trust the ones you love,” Freddie ironically said in regards to Joanna having to kill the person she once thought of as her brother.

In the next scene we find out who Tarkoff is using as the King’s vessel: it’s Wendy’s beau Tommy.

Freya put he stalked skills to work in episode 9 when she snuck into Eva’s home looking for clues. She came across a suspicious potion. But before she’s able to sneak out the door Eva’s daughter catches her and screamed, breaking all the lights in the process.

Joanna asked Freya and Freddie to use their twin magic to find out exactly where Tarkoff is. When they do they learn he’s hiding away in an abandoned child ward at a psychiatric hospital where Tommy is tied up and about to be carved.

“I know you know our secret and that you’re not afraid of death. That makes you the perfect candidate to make as the King’s vessel. Just as soon as I remove it from Frederick,” Tarkoff said. That’s when Freya finds out her brother secret of working for the king.

She let go of his hand in a fit of rage, returning back to the Beauchamp house.

“Tarkoff has Tommy. I can’t believe we trusted you. Frederick is in on it. He’s been carrying Grandfather’s spirit the entire time,” she said to her mother and aunt. Joanna threw a scorpion at him

Joanna throws a scorpion at Frederick, which paralyzed him. Wendy urged her to finish him off.

“The king sent me through the portal. To talk to you that’s all he said. I stopped helping the king all for you,” Freddie said with tears in his eyes. Instead of killing him Joanna leaves him unable to move on the floor, claiming that she’ll deal with him later.

Dash confronted Ingrid about why she appeared in Archibald’s journal. She’s then forced to explain her mother’s curse of them dying and being reborn over and over again.

“I was involved with your grandfather. Archibald Browning was your grandfather. Your mother was his daughter,” she said. Freya then figured out that patterns are repeating. She helped Archibald cover up and murder and now she’s helping his grandson do the same. But Dash swore he’s not evil like his grandfather. Ingrid begged him to prove it.

Killian confronted Freya about breaking into his house. Knowing she sounds crazy she still tried to convince him that Eva has been controlling his mind.

Dash burned Archibald’s journals. But that was only the beginning of his journey to the light side. Ingrid told Dash that he needed to confront Killian about what really happened that night he disappeared so that he’s not haunted for the rest of his life.

Killian joined Freya when she went to ask Freya about the potion she found in her home. But when they arrive the find the island witch distraught. She’s in tears, beginning them not to get closer. But when Killian attempted to console her he noticed she was incredibly old.

“I’ve been lying to you from the beginning. I thought you were the answer to my prayers. A warlock brought to me from across the beautiful ocean,” she said.

Eva was born a mortal woman centuries ago until a warlock offered her eternal life. But when Alma, Eva’s daughter, died the spell cast by the warlock was broken, causing her immortal life to end. Before dying Eva revealed that she really died love him.

Wendy and Joanna go to the psychiatric hospital only find nothing but an empty room and Tommy’s bloody shirt. Joanna called Tarkoff and said that they need to meet in neutral ground.

Freya got an alarming phone call from Ingrid saying to come to the library as soon as she can. Apparently there was a shady figure lurking about but it was actually Tarkoff mimicking Ingrid’s voice to lure Freya there. Once Freya arrived Tarkoff locked the library doors.

Killian paid dash a visit, informing him of Eva’s death. He claimed he doesn’t know who to trust anymore. That’s when Dash revealed to what really happened the night of his wedding.

“Attacking me is one thing. But you left me on the boat, pushed me out to see to die,” Killian said, unable to forgive his brother. Killian punches him before sending Dash flying across the room with his warlock powers. The brother’s then have a bloody brawl.

Tarkoff, Joanna and Wendy finally meet up. Tarkoff explained that Tommy isn’t dead. “Don’t worry he’s alive. The vessel is safe,” Tarkoff revealed. The telepath then explained he’s been loyal to the king since he vowed his oath. Besides, the king promised him Joanna’s hand in marriage if he helped him. Joanna tried to attack Tarkoff but he’s too quick for her and disappears.

It’s revealed that Tarkoff went back to the Beauchamp house to find Freddie. But he ends up getting surprised by Frederick who attacks him with the scorpion. Frederick shoves the creature down Tarkoff’s throat.

“I will kill the host then I will kill myself. The king will never come to this world ever,” Freddie said.

“I left you a present,” Tarkoff said before dying. “In the garden.”

Joanna comes home only to find Frederick crying. “I’m so sorry,” he said, tears streaming down his cheeks.

That’s when viewers see Freya and Ingrid were hanged outside on the tree in the garden.

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