Aleta Stacey was found dead and police blame a bite from one of the 75 pet snakes she and her boyfriend owned in a suburb North of New York City, according to CBS New York.

She was found dead last Tuesday, and was suspected of being bitten by a “Black Mamba,” a snake native to Africa.

The snakes were kept secured in glass aquariums, however when she was found, the snake’s cage padlock had been opened, according to the report.

“When they examined the body they observed one of her forearms where appeared to be fresh, bite marks, snake marks on the arm,” Capt. William McNamara said.

“We can’t understand why she didn’t call 911 right away and things like that. There’s a lot of loose ends,” a friend said.

One friend who didn’t want to be named said “it could’ve been” that Stacey’s death was intentional.