The Twitterverse erupted on Tuesday when Luis Suarez apparently bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in the 2014 World Cup. The whole world was watching, and Twitter lit up. Unfortunately many of the tweets were sent to the wrong Suarez.

The Suarez of soccer fame has the Twitter handle @luis16suarez, is verified, and has more than 3 million followers. However, he was confused with Diego Suarez, a television producer who has just over 1,000 followers and is not verified. His handle: @Suarez.

To let the masses know they had the wrong person, Diego, the television producer from Buenos Aires, issued a hilarious tweet. 

The message was retweeted more than a thousand times and garnered hundreds of favorites. 

It was his only tweet in English, the rest were written in Spanish.  He retweeted posts from users.

Earlier, he tweeted in Spanish that he was not the Liverpool striker. "I am not Luis Suarez, there are many Suarez's in the world, I am not Luis Suarez please."

As powered by Brandwatch, in partnership with FGV, “bite” and Suarez in World Cup were mentioned nearly 9,000 times and counting. 

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