"World of Warcraft," or "WoW" updated its Public Test Realms Patch 6.2 notes. These include various changes in the game's Bonus Events, including the Bonus Events System, Draenor Dungeons, Pet Battles, Arena Skirmishes and the Apexis. Read on to learn more about it.

Battle.net reports that the latest "Wow" 6.2 PTR Patch notes were released Wednesday. Information about the Dungeon Finder, Toy Box and the Pinchwhistle "Nitro Fuel" are also provided.

1. Bonus Events

a. Bonus Events System

This system has a rotating schedule of seven activities that grant "WoW" players a passive bonus to a specific activity in the game. It has a significant reward for those who are able to complete a goal that is linked to a once-per-event quest. The details of the Bonus Event including when it will happen and what type will it be can be seen in the in-game calendar at the mini-map's upper right-hand corner.

b. Pet Battles

Participating in the Pet Battle Bonus Events can triple the experience of pets. "WoW" players can even receive the Ultimate Battle-Training Stone after winning a lot of Player versus Player, or PvP Pet Battles. This special stone will increase the level of any pet to 25. Aside from the Pet Battles, other Bonus Events in the game are the Draenor Dungeons, Arena Skirmishes, Battlegrounds and the Apexis.

2. Raids And Dungeons

a. Dungeon Finder: While players are still in PvP combat, they can also line up in the Dungeon Finder.

3. Collections

a. Toy Box (Silversage Incense): This toy box applies its effect only to the "WoW" character that placed the Silversage Incense.

4. General Item Changes

a. Pinchwhistle "Nitro Fuel": This item doesn't trigger its effect in combat anymore.

5. Apexis Crystals

a. Apexis gear: The first four tiers of this gear -- Crystal, Exceptional, Flawless, and Ethereal -- can now be bought using gold instead of Apexis Crystals. Click here to read the complete "World Of Warcraft" 6.2 PTR Patch notes.

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