The coming "World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor" Patch 6.2 "Fury of Hellfire" has unveiled a sneak peek of "Chapter IV: Darkness Incarnate" of the "Legendary Ring Questline." reports that it is the last chapter of this particular quest. Read on to learn more about it.

In the "Legendary Ring Questline, Chapter IV: Darkness Incarnate," players must complete Archmage Khadgar's quests in order to get the coveted legendary ring. One of the quests is called "The Final Assault," wherein the players will be asked to go back to their Garrison and wait for Khadgar's next instructions.

Then, they will be asked to go back to Tanaan Jungle to stop Gul'dan's dark plans. In order to get to Tanaan, players need to build a Shipyard in their Garrison in order to make an entire fleet of ships at their disposal.

Archmage Khadgar will meet players at their new dock and he will explain what to do to stop Gul'dan and his minions and get the legendary ring. Below are some of the steps that must be done to achieve this goal.

1. Upgrade Shipyard to Level 2

2. Take on the Legendary Shipyard Missions

3. Earn the Draenic Sea Chart

4. Complete the quest "We Don't Need No Library Card": Players need to go to the Hellfire Citadel in Tanaan Jungle for this quest. Wowhead reports that the "We Don't Need No Library Card" quest requires players to collect 33 Tomes of Chaos from the bosses in Hellfire Citadel. The relevant locations for this particular quest are: Lunarfall, Frostwall, Frostfire Ridge and Shadowmoon Valley.

Wowhead also reports that the Tome of Chaos is "a volume of demonic incantations, filled with grotesque illustrations." It binds when picked up, has an Item Level of 730 and a max stack of 999.

5. Fight Cordana: After collecting the 33 Tomes of Chaos, players must defeat Cordana to stop her from taking the books and the legendary ring.


1. Blessings

a. K'ara's Blessing: Alliance characters will receive this blessing after defeating Cordana and meeting Yrel.

b. Blessing of the Elements: Horde Characters will receive this blessing after defeating Cordana and meeting Drek'thar.

2. Legendary Ring

3. "Chapter IV: Darkness Incarnate" Achievement

4. New Monument for the successful "WoW" player's Garrison

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