WWE “Main Event” has managed to last the month of October without falling to the same fate as the wrestling company’s other b-show programing. When something is added to the “RAW” and “SmackDown” weekly lineup, the new show quickly deteriorates into what “Superstars” is, or what Sunday Night “Heat” was in the past.

The team of Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara continued the trend of quality matches when they defeated Alberto del Rio, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, reports NoDQ. The six-man tag match combined two rivalries from Orton vs. del Rio and Cara and Mysterio vs. The Prime Time Players.

Both feuds culminated in matches at Hell in a Cell, and were brought together to lend further credibility to the new WWE program. Not only that, but since neither tag team involved holds the bronze belts that their division revolves around, it means that WWE is putting tag teams in feuds that don’t involve the titles, legitimizing the newly reformed division even further.

The Viper and the Mexican Aristocrat may have had a lukewarm buildup to a so-so match at Hell in a Cell, but their star power is undeniable. Del Rio is an up and comer who has already held the WWE Championship and been involved in main event level matches in his short time with the company and Orton is a tenured performer and one of the top faces in the WWE.

The follow up match saw Wade Barrett defeat Tyson Kidd, in a match that has was well received by NoDQ. After Barrett continued his push to the top by defeating the mid-card talent, he challenged Sheamus to a match on next week’s “Main Event.”

Barrett has met the Celtic Warrior in the ring multiple times over the past several weeks, and both men involved have come out on top. Even though Sheamus is currently on the hunt for Big Show to The Bare Knuckle Brawlerin his World Heavyweight Championship, a feud with Barrett could do well for the two of them.

Barrett would benefit because Sheamus held the World Title definitively for almost eight months, and a victory over him would be a great push towards the title. Sheamus would also benefit beccuase there have been criticisms of the Celtic Warrior’s matches lacking creativity, but facing Barrett brings out the best in the Irish-born former champion.