The Sept. 10 episode of "Monday Night Raw," which is being broadcast live from the Bell Centre in Montreal at 9 p.m. EDT, will feature the WWE return of Bret "The Hitman" Hart to that arena after the Montreal Screwjob in 1997. Among other attractions, the CM Punk-Paul Heyman relationship will be explained and John Cena will react to being attacked last week, reported

The Excellence of Execution hasn't always has the best relationship with the WWE. Bret Hart has reconciled his relationship with World Wrestling Entertainment and Vince McMahon, but in November 1997 he left unceremoniously after what has been dubbed the Montreal Screwjob.

In a match with Shawn Michaels for Hart's WWE (then WWF) Championship, the referee called for the bell and declared Michaels the winner via submission. The problem was The Hitman never tapped out, and this wasn't part of a storyline.

After the event, Hart went to rival company World Championship Wrestling and didn't make his WWE return for 13 years. Since 2010, Hart has made appearances and even stood in as RAW General Manager for a brief period of time, but he hasn't set foot in a WWE ring in the Bell Centre until tonight.

The issue will be addressed, with advertising Hart for tonight's show. The website's article asks, "What will The Excellence of Execution have to say after revisiting the city that played host to one of the most infamous incidents in WWE history, involving himself, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels and Mr. McMahon?"

At the closing of last week's show, CM Punk injected himself into John Cena's Street Fight against Alberto Del Rio. The two top contenders for the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles fought their way to the backstage area, where Punk saw fit to make his presence known.

The Second City Saint kicked Cena in the back of the head, sending a clear message to his Night of Champions opponent, as well as securing a win for Del Rio. Once the bout was finished, Punk hit the 10-time WWE Champion with a GTS on the hood of a car before getting picked up by the infamous Paul Heyman.

Punk claimed more than a year ago in his first "Pipe Bomb" promo on RAW that Heyman "saw something" in him that nobody else did. Last WWE fans saw of the former Extreme Championship Wrestling owner, he was the manager of Brock Lesnar.

It's not clear what the relationship between the WWE Champion and the former ECW head is, but with Punk's recent promos trying to pit him as a heel despite his popularity; it will probably be something bad.  WWE has been trying to get the Straight-Edge Superstar over as a bad guy, but crowds continue to cheer him; Heymans' getting involved can only mean that the master of the best wrestler in the world will be taking an even darker turn.

Punk and Cena already have a heated feud going back to last year. Hopefully Night of Champions can recreate their excellent match from Money in the Bank 2011.

The perpetual babyface Cena might even be set up to go off as he did early this year when Brock Lesnar first returned in April. The MMA fighter and Cena had a memorable battle featuring a more brutal Cenation Leader than usual; maybe he can get angry like that again.

Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio haven't been going after each other for as long as Punk and Cena have, but their feud has been going on for almost three months straight now. Things are getting complicated: Del Rio has become more intense, but Sheamus manages to take the victory every time his World Heavyweight Title is on the line.

The current champion is facing a new problem since SmackDown General Manager has banned his finishing maneuver, the Brogue Kick. The kick is only banned in the storyline and will make a return to Sheamus' move set once the angle is over, but it's a new spin that has forced Sheamus to adopt the Cloverleaf submission hold as a replacement.

RAW General Manager AJ Lee has made it clear that she has no control over SmackDown operation in the past, so the Brogue Kick could still come into play on RAW. Both SmackDown superstars are billed for tonight's show, so there's a good chance of a confrontation.

A.J. Lee might not be in power for long after her meltdown last week. The WWE story has played the crazy card with A.J. before, but now that she's in a position of power, it could be used to remove her from her post.

Mega-heel Vickie Guerrero is gunning for the prestigious position, or at least it seems that way with how she has been mentally and physically attacking the RAW GM. For the sake of everyone who watches RAW, Guerrero shouldn't be given a leading spot on the show; she's a superb villain, but she's also a bit too good at getting on viewers' nerves.

There may be more anger management in store for Kane and Daniel Bryan. Last week saw the two men hug it out, but the good -natured gesture only resulted in the two men fighting.

The segments have been very popular amongst fans, so it would be smart to keep them going. Bryan and Kane have been involved in matches for months now, so continuing the feud only makes sense.

Both Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton will be at tonight's RAW, and the two men will be building up to their match that is now confirmed for Night of Champions. Orton will be taking time off after the September pay-per-view, which will give Ziggler a definitive win and push to World Championship status after defeating a two former world Champions in the past month.

The up and coming tag division is most likely going to be on tonight's show. The Prime Time Player or one of the other budding tag teams could come into play, or the current champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth could be in action, but there is no word on who will take part in the show.

Neither the Intercontinental Champion nor the United States Champion are involved in a rivalry with less than a week left before their belts are on the line at Night of Champions. NoDQ claims that there are rumors that Sin Cara or Cody Rhodes will fight for the U.S. title against current champion Antonio Cesaro, but there have been no on-screen indicators of a match like that.

Eve is expected to become involved in the Divas Title match for this Sunday's Night of Champions pay-per-view. Allegedly she was supposed to win the no. 1 contenders battle royal, but the match was botched and Kaitlyn won.

Now that Eve isn't the no. 1 contender for Layla's Divas Championship, she has been a factor in most matches with Kaitlyn or Layla involved over the past few weeks. With WWE playing up Eve's character as a manipulator, she will likely take part in Sunday's women's match in some capacity.