WWE Champion CM Punk caused a stir when he hit a fan at the end of “RAW.” After Ryback attempted to perform a Shell Shock on the Second City Saint during his match with Vince McMahon, Punk fled into the crowd where a camera caught him strike a fan on the live broadcast.

An alleged eyewitness to the event, Mike Douglas, sent an account of the event in to NoDQ. “I was at the Raw here in Sac ... CM Punk decked that guy right pretty much in front of me ... They took him backstage right after... It was not staged, it was real, the dude slapped CM Punk in the back.” the site claims Douglas said about the altercation.

Though WWE cameras didn’t catch the entire incident, YouTube user AbaFirebenderWWE5 uploaded a video from the crowd showing that a fan had become supposedly provoked the attack.

John Cena made his return to WWE TV at the beginning of “RAW” last night in front of the crowd in Sacramento, Cali.. The Cenation Leader was followed up by a match between WWE Champion CM Punk and company owner Vince McMahon, two tag team tournament matches which revealed the final bracket, and first contact between Punk and Ryback.

 After missing only one week of “RAW” John Cena made a dramatic return at the front of the program, though he didn’t wrestle in a match, because he is still recovering from his elbow surgery. The 10-time WWE Champion made a lot of big claims about CM Punk, saying that the current WWE Champion needed to face him at Hell in a Cell later this month.

It’s still unknown whether or not Cena will be up to par for the match on Oct. 28. After having bone fragments removed from his elbow, he was sidelined for up to eight weeks, with WWE’s October pay-per-view landing less than seven weeks after the date of Cena’s surgery.

At the end of the show rumors that Rybcak is the WWE’s John Cena backup for Hell in a Cell were confirmed by Vince McMahon. After the rookie powerhouse kept Punk from hitting a GTS on the Chairman, Ryback went for his own finisher on the champion, but Punk escaped into the crowd.

It was at the same time that Punk supposedly attacked a fan that McMahon announced that Punk had to choose between Ryback or Cena for his Hell in a Cell match. There doesn’t seem to be much reason within the story to give the Straight Edge Superstar a say in the matter, but it leaves both options open.

In the report on Punk hitting a fan that NoDQ gave, eyewitness Douglas noted that “Ryback is SUPER over!!!!,” or popular with fans. Officials have been building Ryback up for months with him defeating jobbers and recently mid or upper-mid card talent, and he even defeated former Tag Team Champions Epico and Primo in a handicap match.

The current Tag Team Champions were more successful in their endeavors last night on “RAW.” Kane and Daniel Bryan picked up a victory over Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. The couple that has acquired the unfortunate name of “Team Hell No” due to a Twitter poll has become one of the WWE’s biggest highlights.

The comedy pairing of the monstrous Kane with the average sized Bryan works on a certain level, but it only complements the comedic chemistry the two have with one another. The anger management vignettes and in-ring fighting are some of the first funny things to come out of the WWE in years.

Most recently the duo had a run in with Larry King and his wife on “RAW” last night. The brief segment wasn’t much, but it kept Team Hell No at odds, and it didn’t oversaturate the gimmick.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defeated the Prime Time Players to excel in the tournament to declare no. 1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships, along with Rhodes Scholars who beat Co-Bro (Santino Marella and Zack Ryder). Mysterio and Cara will meet Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes in the finals of the tournament sometime before the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, with the winner facing Kane and Bryan for the titles.

There have been rumors that Rhodes Scholars will win the tournament, setting up a rivalry between Mysterio and Cara and the Prime Time Players. After the Players and the luchadors settle their feud, Mysterio and Cara are expected to win the Tag Titles.

Eventually the plan is to have either Mysterio or Cara betray the other so the two can have a grudge match at WrestleMania. The coupling of the two high-flyers is also to get Sin Cara used to the WWE style of wrestling, which is very different than the Mexican style he is used to.

A brawl straight out of the United Kingdom between World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Wade Barrett ended in disqualification when Tensai attacked the Celtic Warrior. The long bout didn’t have a proper finish, with Sheamus technically winning.

Barrettand Tensai continued attacking Sheamus after the match, and Sheamus’s Hell in a Cell opponent Big Show even came to ringside to watch the event. When the World Champion started to make a comeback and knocked Tensai and Barrett out of the ring, the Giant was there to take advantage and toss the Great White over the ropes with ease.

Antonio Cesaro continued his winning streak by gaining a win over Tyson Kidd. The United States Champion has been on a roll lately, and his push continued through this week’s “RAW.” As enjoyable as Cesaro is, the US Champ hasn’t entered into a legitimate rivalry yet, with the exception of the regrettable angle he has with Santino Marella.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz appears to be entering into a feud with former Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston, after a non-wrestling segment featuring a Larry King Live-esque production. King was interviewing both the Miz and Kingston, who were building tension and eventually started to brawl.

Kingston and Miz would be a refreshing match, being that neither man has been used properly in recent months. Miz has been treated slightly better, being that he has the IC Title, but he hasn’t’ been a strong champion; Kingston has spent the better part of the last two years in floundering tag teams and finally has another singles run.

If officials play this right, they could build Kingston to be a major face for the company, and Miz to be an equally important heel. Miz has already had success in the main event, and Kingston has all the ability and charisma necessary to captivate fans.

Kingston’s former tag team partner R-Truth almost had a match with Brodus Clay, but didn’t because Little Jimmy wanted to dance. The painful segment brought out the worst in Clays over the top gimmick, and R-Truth’s juvenile imaginary friend gimmick.

The program is PG rated and the WWE is aiming to attract younger kids to the program, but they’re ostracizing older fans with this kind of segment. There are ways to be family friendly and still have some level of charm to adults at the same time, but the Clay and Truth angles aren’t that at all.

Kaitlyn got her long awaited Divas Title match against champion Eve Torres on “RAW” after she was attacked by an unknown assailant at Night of Champions in September.  Eve got the better of the Kaitlyn and won via submission.