Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) are on the hunt for the scariest monster yet on Fox’s “The X-Files” miniseries. What happened when the two FBI agents looked for the Band-Aid Nose Man (John DeSantis) in episode 4, “Home Again”?

A city official, Joseph Cutler (Alessandro Juliani) is trying to clear homeless people off the streets. When he returns to the HUD office in Philadelphia, a strange zombie-looking man known as the Band-Aid Nose Man gets off the back of a garbage truck and comes for him. The man goes inside the office and kills Cutler by ripping his arms off, then returns to the truck.

Mulder and Scully get called to the crime scene by Detective Gross (Chris Shields) because he wants their expertise on “spooky cases.” Cutler’s body has been horribly mutilated; his head was ripped off and put in a trash bin. The Band-Aid Nose Man left behind a foot mark, but it appears there is no print.

While looking at the body, Scully gets a call from her brother Bill, who tells her their mom, Margaret Scully (Sheila Larken), had a heart attack and is in a hospital in Washington, D.C. Mulder tells Scully to go see her mother and Scully leaves the crime scene immediately.

As Scully heads to Washington, Mulder goes to take a look at the security footage. He notices a graffiti picture of a man on a billboard outside the window. There was no picture the night before the crime but there was the morning after. Mulder is asking around when he steps on a nasty-looking band-aid, which he holds on to for evidence.

Mulder is walking around outside the HUD office when he stumbles into Daryl Landry (Daryl Shuttleworth) and Nancy Huff (Peggy Jo Jacobs), who are arguing over where the homeless people should be moved to. When he looks back up at the billboard the graffiti is gone. Mulder has tests run on the band-aid, but the forensics tech says the material on it is neither alive nor dead — but something is on it.

Two men, Fitzpatrick (Seth Whittaker) and Proudley (Daniel Jacobsen), stole the graffiti billboard and are planning to sell it. Unfortunately for them, they brought the Band-Aid Nose Man into their hideout. The Band-Aid Nose Man kills Proudley and tears off Fitzpatrick’s arm and head in a brutal scene. The canvas the picture was on is left covered in blood with the word “Trashman” on it.

Scully visits her mom in the hospital and the nurse tells her she was asking for her youngest son, Charlie, from whom she is estranged. Scully is keeping her mother on life support and wants her brother Bill to get there as fast as he can. However, it turns out Maragret changed her will to say she should not be brought back if she were to slip into a coma.

After serving an injunction to Landry that prevents the homeless people from being moved to a hospital, Nancy receives a home visit by the Band-Aid Nose Man. He kills her and shoves her head into the garbage disposal before returning to his truck.

Shortly after Mulder arrives at the hospital, Scully’s brother Charlie calls her and she puts him on speaker. When Charlie starts to talk to Margaret her eyes open. She looks at Mulder and says she has a son named William too, and then she dies. Scully is distraught and wants to return to work in Philadelphia to get her mind off her mother.

Scully and Mulder Scully (Gillian Anderson) talks to Mulder (David Duchovny) about their son, William, in episode 4 of “The X-Files” miniseries. Photo: Fox Forensics analysts discover that the word “Trashman” on the canvas where Fitzpatrick and Proudley were murdered was written with a rare type of spray paint that’s sold in one store in Philadelphia. Mulder and Scully tail a kid who has bought the spray paint in the store to a warehouse. Mulder asks to see the Trashman and the kid directs them downstairs, but says there’s no light down there before running away.

Mulder and Scully turn on their flashlights and walk down into a basement where figures are seen walking around. The two find the Trashman (Tim Armstrong), an artist hiding there. He says he doesn’t like the way the homeless are treated like garbage and he created the Band-Aid Nose Man. He claims he put so much thought into making the work of art that it came to life and thinks for itself. The Band-Aid Nose Man absorbed the Trashman’s idea of wanting to scare those who mistreat the homeless and he thinks killing is the right thing to do.

The last man the Band-Aid Nose Man is after is Landry, who got the injunction lifted to move the homeless people. Inside the hospital, the Band-Aid Nose Man is on the hunt for Landry and when he finds him he tears him to pieces. Mulder, Scully and the Trashman arrive a few seconds too late; they never saw a man come out of the room where Landry was killed and there was only one way in.

The episode ends with Scully and Mulder sitting by a lake. Scully says she knew her mother wanted to hear from Charlie to know he was all right because he was her responsibility. She can’t help but think about her son, William, and she wants to know what became of him, but feels she’ll never get her answers. She’s haunted by giving William away and just wants to believe that they didn’t treat him like trash by doing so.