The X-Files Miniseries Premiere
Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale, left) reunites Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson, middle) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny, right) by asking them for help with a potential government conspiracy in "The X-Files" miniseries, episode 1. Fox

“Are we truly alone or is there something else out there?” Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) asks in the premiere of “The X-Files” miniseries on Fox. Eight years after their last investigation, Mulder and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are brought back to their old jobs to look into a government conspiracy. The two quickly learn that the truth might be darker than they ever could have imagined.

Episode 1, titled “My Struggle,” begins with Mulder bringing the audience up to speed on what the X-Files were and why the operation got shut down in 2002. Scully continues to work as a doctor and is shown preparing for surgery in a Washington, D.C., hospital. A nurse tells her she has a phone call from Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), who says it’s important.

Scully reaches out to Mulder on Skinner’s behalf because a conspiracy theorist named Tad O’Malley (Joel McHale) wants to meet both of them. Mulder looks up O’Malley online and watches a video where O’Malley says 9/11 was a false flag operation and all the government's lies go back to the Roswell crash in 1947. Mulder tells Scully to have Skinner set up a meeting and for her to go with him too.

Mulder and Scully, who are now separated, reunite in D.C. to meet with O'Malley. O’Malley looks to get help from Mulder and Scully based on their expertise from working the X-Files. While Mulder and Scully remind him the X-Files were closed “for better or worse,” O’Malley tells them he might have something that could expose the world’s most evil conspiracy.

O’Malley then takes them to Low Moor, Virginia, to meet a woman named Sveta (Annett Mahendru). Sveta recommended O’Malley reach out to Scully and Mulder because Mulder had interviewed her as a child after she was abducted by aliens. With O'Malley's urging, Sveta tells them she’s been taken by aliens several times and they harvested babies out of her. She believes she has alien DNA, which Scully can test for.

Mulder goes along with O'Malley to see a man-made ARV, which is an alien spaceship. Mulder learns that the ship runs on free-energy based on electric magnetic fields. The technology has been known for years, but the government covered it up so oil companies could make money. The ship can also be made to go invisible after the group used a rare element to create it.

Mulder goes back to see Sveta and asks why she looked at O’Malley before answering some of his prior questions. She tells him it’s because aliens didn’t take her, but men took her up in ships and took her babies. Mulder calls Scully, who’s driving around with O’Malley, to tell her that everything they’ve ever worked on could have been a lie and that Sveta is the key to everything.

At FBI headquarters, Mulder visits his old office along with Skinner to look for answers but all of the files are gone. Mulder is mad because he feels they were being led on and lied too, which Skinner also believes. Mulder leaves Skinner his cell phone number, so his old boss can now reach him.

Scully is back at the hospital she works at when a nurse interrupts her to give her Sveta’s tests, but Scully wants them retested. Mulder, meanwhile, meets with an old man who was once a doctor at the Roswell UFO site. Mulder believes there are men using alien technology against humanity in events that are being mistake for alien abductions. The doctor won’t tell Mulder the secrets, but reveals he's closer than ever.

Scully shows up at Mulder’s because she hasn’t heard from him since his frantic phone call. He tells her that he’s figured everything out, but she thinks he’s finally losing it and she goes to leave when O'Malley shows up for a meeting with Mulder.

Mulder presents O’Malley and Scully the conspiracy he believes he's discovered, where the government has been testing alien technology on citizens. The people behind these tests are some sort of government elite looking to take over the world, but they'll do it subtly by making it appear as though someone else is attacking. Scully thinks they’re wrong and reveals that Sveta has no trace of alien DNA.

O’Malley makes this revelation to the world, but it is ruined when it appears the government got to Sveta. She comes out saying everything she said was lies, while the government is shown destroying the ARV. Mulder goes to Sveta’s house but she’s nowhere to be found and O’Malley’s site also gets shut down.

When leaving work for the day, Scully sees a message on the back window of her car that says don’t give up. Mulder emerges and she reveals that there was something off about Sveta’s DNA when the retest came back. She said they have to protect Sveta and stop whoever is behind all of it.

Sveta loads up her car and is trying to get away from her home. As she’s driving, an alien spaceship flies over her car and destroys it. Was Sveta killed in the explosion?

Other Major Moments From Episode 1:

  • When Scully tests Sveta, she reveals to Scully that she has the ability to read minds. She knows Scully is a skeptic so she proves it by explaining that she knows she and Mulder were a couple, but once she diagnosed Mulder with depression it tore them apart.
  • In the final seconds of the episode, a familiar villain is shown on the phone. The Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) is still alive and he has a new problem to face because the X-Files have been reopened.