Nearly 10 years after the launch of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has finally sent out an update that lets players get online when connecting to a television at a hotel or other public venue.

The issue stems from the fact that most of these networks ask users to accept a terms of use or make a payment for access, before the connection will start working. After the update, the Xbox 360 will now test the connection and load up Internet Explorer if the network has any requirements.

The update also includes 2 gigabytes of cloud storage, an upgrade from the previous limit of 512 megabytes. This space can be used for holding game saves, and Microsoft suggests using it to transfer game saves to the Xbox One. Microsoft's latest console will support a selection of disc-based Xbox 360 games with an update in November.

Microsoft has also included support for code redemption from within messages. Now, when a player on Xbox Live sends a message with a code for the online store inside the system will automatically detect the code and ask if you want to redeem it.

The Xbox One, the 360's successor, has been out for nearly two years now, but Microsoft has shown it is not giving up on support just yet. The update to the 360 is a lot smaller, however, than the upcoming November update for the Xbox One. As well as backwards compatibility, this update will overhaul the system software and includes a version of Windows 10 that will support "universal apps."