Microsoft users that were trying to log into Xbox Live on Wednesday were greeted with an error message.

In the press release, the software giant said the new the portable media player, Zune HD, will have the option to connect to Xbox and Xbox Live. However, all other Xbox services are up and running. Microsoft said they are aware of the problems and have made a list of all the errors. They said they will work to solve the problems as soon as possible.

According to the support team which can be found at, users are getting Connect to Xbox LIVE (Network Help), or Troubleshooting Connection Errors.

Here are some examples of the Xbox Live errors: Error 80072741, Error 80072ee2, and Error 800700b.

All of these issues show up after users log into Xbox Live channels or into the Marketplace, and instead of seeing their channels, they receive the aforementioned errors.

Upset Xbox users have been active on forums online.

I was playing co-op with zIRELOADED when all of the sudden when act 2 started *bleep* disconnected. I looked on and found i cannot even reach the sign in screen or the forums. Has Xbox been hacked or something it has been down for atleast 30 minutes now and it hasn't been planned. I want to play Live!!! said one user on the Epic Games forum.