Microsoft announced that it has reversed course on used games and DRM with the Xbox One. While one could interpret that as a win for consumers and journalists, Redmond, Wash.'s big 180 comes at a considerable price. Here are six features we're losing as a result of the switch. You can read Microsoft's original post regarding the changes here.

1. Your games library can't be accessed from any Xbox One: Prior to the reversal, you would have been able to play your entire games library from any Xbox One, not just yours. That will no longer be possible. Games you purchase digitally can be played from any Xbox One.

2. Disc-based games now need to be in the system to play them: Before Microsoft announced the Xbox One changes, the system was designed to allow you to play games sans disc. Not anymore. So you better take care of them, or else.

3. Downloaded games cannot be shared or resold: So much for letting someone else play your games while you're on vacation, at work or at school. While you can share your discs with anyone at will, anything you download will be bound to you.

It's possible that Microsoft can choose to resurrect some of these features in different forms or add new ones between now and the Xbox One's release. At this point though, these are the losses we're incurring as a result of the Great 180. Your thoughts?

Which of the above Xbox One features are you most upset about losing and why? Do any of them matter to you? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.