The Xbox One could be landing on Chinese shores soon.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is creating a video game venture with Chinese firm BesTV New Media Co. in order to take advantage of proposed new free-trade rules that would halt a ban on foreign nations selling video game consoles in China. Under the agreement, Microsoft and BesTV would collaborate on the design and development of "games and gaming-related products" as well as third-party games and more.

Joanna Li, a Beijing-based spokeswoman for Microsoft, had this to say on the matter.

“This is the first step of many to come for Microsoft and BesTV and we look forward to exploring new opportunities for bringing entertainment offerings to China.”

China's position regarding foreign consoles and video games has been puzzling. According to Bloomberg, China banned the sale of foreign consoles like those made by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in 2000 in order to protect the young from the corruption that could stem from exposure to video games. Meanwhile, games like "League of Legends" and "World of Warcraft" are incredibly popular in China and are filled with plenty of violence and sexually suggestive imagery. For instance, take a look at Miss Fortune, a Jessica Rabbit-esque champion in "League of Legends."

Though official announcements regarding Microsoft's plans with respect to China have yet to be made, considering that they're about to launch the Xbox One on Nov. 22, it's difficult to believe that selling the Xbox One in such a huge market isn't part of Microsoft's strategy.

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