After Microsoft announced it will reverse its Xbox One policies with respect to used games and Internet check-ins, we noticed that at least a couple of employees from Sony took to Twitter with tweets that could be interpreted as responses to Microsoft's stunning 180-degree flip. Check out the tweets below.


The above tweets from Nick Accordino, a producer at Sony, according to his Twitter account, and Shahid Kamal Ahmad, who works for Sony as a writer, according to his personal website, which can be accessed via his Twitter account, were posted after and around the time that Microsoft's Larry Hryb linked to Microsoft exec Don Mattrick's blog post regarding the coming changes to the Xbox One. Hmmm. We have reached out to Nick and Shahid for comment, and we'll update you if and when we get a response from either of them."

What do you think of the above tweets from Sony employees Nick Accordino and Shahid Kamal Ahmad? Do you think they're responding to Microsoft's decision to reverse course on used games and Internet check-ins? Why or why not? What do you think of the Xbox One reversal concerning used games and Internet check-ins? Do you like their decision to shift positions? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.