The Xbox One February update will roll out to the Xbox app Thursday and to the Xbox One Friday. The update sees the return of the Gamerscore Leaderboard along with the new ability to preview a party and re-arrange pins.

Most of the additions included in the February update were tested in a January system update for Xbox One Preview members.

The Gamerscore Leaderboard lets Xbox One users see where they stand compared to their friends. The feature also shows a player's progress by tracking Gamerscore gains over the last 30 days. The Party Preview, which can be accessed from the friend tab, lets players see who their friends are playing with before joining the game.

Users can now move pins on Xbox One Home by pressing the "Y" button. The pinned items can also be launched when a player is offline. The February update also includes a few functionality upgrades to improve the Activity Feed, Xbox News and Suggested Friends feature.

Players will now receive a notification when a new item appears in their Activity Feed. Xbox News items — such as new details on game releases or updates — will be included within the Activity Feed. The update brings a new Friend Suggestions section within the Community tab. 

Other features in the update include the ability to hide content from the "ready-to-install" list, faster launching of a friend's Twitch broadcast, an Avatar store and adding new functions to the Compact Mode of the Xbox app.

For those who purchased an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, the February update makes the configuration process much easier. The mapped settings are now shown in higher detail with editing options available on one page. The Xbox update further refines thumbstick adjustments by giving players the ability to tweak the intensity of sensitivity curves. Trigger and vibration setting also received a visual overhaul.