Microsoft rolled out a number of new Xbox One updates on Wednesday night, promising that additional improvements were coming in March. The tech giant focused on improving the social media aspect of its eighth-generation device, including the Suggested Friends feature and shareable screenshots.

Suggested Friends

This new features allows users to search and find friends on the home screen. You can then add them to your network. Suggested friends may include people you already know, or popular community broadcasters and video creators. Microsoft will also add a new Suggested Friends page to the friends area.


Players can now take screenshots of their in-game progress by double-tapping the Xbox button on their controllers. They can save the shots by pressing Y. They can also command the console to take a screenshot by saying “Xbox, take a screenshot.”

The upload app is also being updated so that users can manage their screenshots as well as their game clips. Players will be able to set screenshots as their background. Eventually, they’ll be able to share them on their activity feeds, attach them to messages, share on social media sites like Twitter and add them to their showcases.


Those who have access to Xbox One preview will be able to share their real names with all of their friends or to anyone else in the Xbox Live community. Though gamertags are still the most popular way to identify others, sharing real names will allow users to recognize people they may know on a name-only basis.


Microsoft has added a new setting that gives users the option to share voice search data with Redmond. To alter the setting, users can go to Settings > Privacy and online safety > Share voice search data.


Support for OneGuide will continue in preview mode in Australia, along with the Xbox Digital TV Tuner.