Think your marathon “Gears of War” sessions make you a hardcore Xbox One player? Think again. More than 8,000 viewers witnessed Ray Cox IV, or Stallion83, set a record score of 1 million Gamerscore on March 13 on Twitch.

stallion83 Ray Cox IV currently holds a world record for highest Gamerscore. Photo: Courtesy/Facebook/Stallion83

After seven hours of uninterrupted streaming using Twitch, Cox earned over 1,500 Gamerscore. He then unlocked a 50-point “Titanfall” achievement, reaching exacting 1 million. According to the player’s Facebook fan page, Cox has been unlocking achievements and building up his Gamerscore for the past eight years.

In March 2012, Cox achieved a Gamerscore of 700,000.

“I’m not stopping, I’m not going. I’m staying number one forever!” Cox stated at the end of his stream. He already held the Guinness World Record for the highest Xbox Live Gamerscore – and it looks like he’ll hold onto that achievement for a long time.

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