Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) released its new Xbox One at midnight on Friday with mostly positive reception from eager consumers looking to get their hands on the next-gen console. However, some consumers set up their Xbox One at home only to experience frustration and problems with their console -- a reminder that no new technology is immune to glitches and issues on launch day.

Minor Xbox One software problems, including a hanging load screen and slow game installations, appear to be among the top problems being discussed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

But some of the Xbox One's reported problems appear to be more severe, ranging from loud noises and read problems coming from the disc drive to Xbox One consoles being banned after an emergency offline update (EOU).

While it’s too early to tell how many Xbox One units are afffected by these issues, new owners have been quite concerned about some of the problems they've experienced.

Disc drive broken / loud noise coming from disc drive

A small number of Xbox One users have reported issues relating to the console’s disc drive. The problem is characterized by the disc drive making a loud “grinding” noise after loading a disc and then subsequently failing to read the loaded Xbox One disc. While the cause of the drive problem is currently unknown, a Reddit user speculates that the gears within the Xbox One may be slipping. However, that theory has not been proven or disproven.

Long Installation Times

Installation-related complaints about the Xbox One claim a wide range of install times for both disc-based games and download-based games, as long as 4 hours for some Xbox One owners. But others have had relatively smooth installations, such as a reported 15 minutes for “Forza Motorsport.”

Should this occur, it is recommended that users stop the install before removing the Xbox One game disc, unplug the console for 15 minutes before re-plugging and trying the install again, or trying the solution in the video above.

Hanging Load Screen

After running an update for the Xbox One, some users are experiencing issues with the Xbox One hanging at a load screen. For the majority of cases, it’s best to just leave the Xbox One alone, as it is likely just running processes in the background. Some Xbox One owners have reported that the hanging load screen may be related to the unusual congestion on Microsoft’s servers.

For any issue users are experiencing, Microsoft recommends reaching out to Xbox support to troubleshoot and resolve major Xbox One issues.

Have you experienced any problems with your Microsoft Xbox One? Let us know about it in the comments.