Update 5:00 p.m. EST: Weingarten's Xbox One unboxing video can be viewed below.

Andre Weingarten, 18, was excited about the new Xbox One and preordered Microsoft's console from Target on Monday, expecting to receive it on Nov. 22, when the system officially launches. He instead received the console on Friday, two weeks before its official release, as did 150 other lucky gamers who preordered the Xbox One from Target.

Weingarten shared the experience on Twitter, as user MoonlightSwami, and uploaded an unboxing video on his YouTube channel. MoonlightSwami provided photos of Xbox One and the dashboard and shared his positive experiences with the next-gen console. Overnight, the story went viral and Weingarten gained thousands of new followers on Twitter and the attention of Microsoft. The video uploaded to the MoonlightSwami channel was removed by a copyright claim from Microsoft, and his Xbox One was banned by the company.

As Weingarten explains in an email, "I paid retail price and bought an Xbox One console with a warranty from Target. Target indicated that the ship date would be on or around November 22nd, and I paid for express shipping to make sure that I received the console as close to that date as possible. I ordered the Xbox One online, since all local stores, including Target, were sold out of their anticipated inventory. I received the Xbox One from Target on Nov. 8 and was thrilled to be one of the earliest recipients of this new console."

After news of Xbox One's early release surface, many attributed it to an error by Target, which was later confirmed by the retailer. Target issued a statement to Kotaku saying, "Due to a systems error, Target shipped a small number of video game consoles prior to the street date." It is estimated that 150 gamers may have received the Xbox One early.

Weingarten's story does have a happy ending. After Microsoft pulled the video and banned his Xbox One, Weingarten was contacted by Larry Hryb, Xbox Live community representative, who invited him to the Xbox One launch party. Hryb said Microsoft was working to remove their copyright infringement claim and will not permanently ban Weingarten's console.

Following Weingarten's Xbox One unboxing, other lucky gamers have uploaded their own experiences after receiving the console early. One individual from Texas uploaded several videos to YouTube, reports Kotaku, which can be viewed below. The videos include a look at the setup, the unboxing, using the Xbox One and the controller and a glimpse of the dashboard in action.

Weingarten's original video: