BARCELONA, Spain — Sony has shown off a new in-ear device, which looks and acts a lot like the smart headset in the film “Her,” which was voiced by Scarlett Johansson with the Xperia Ear responding to users’ voice and giving them reminders about up-coming meetings and events.

Shown off on stage at Mobile World Congress and going on sale later this summer the earpiece, the Xperia Ear is designed to be worn all day and has a specially designed soft silicone coating to prevent it becoming uncomfortable.

The earpiece will connect with a smartphone and inform users about their schedule schedule, news and weather. More interestingly it also responds to voice commands, so users can tell it to make calls, search the internet or navigate to a location with the directions delivered directly to your ear.

Xperia Ear With Xperia X The Xperia Ear sitting on top of one of Sony's new Xperia X smartphones. Photo: David Gilbert

Motorola has previously launched a product of similar size called the Motorola Mint, though that was more of a traditional Bluetooth headset designed for making and taking phone calls while on the move.

The Xperia Ear is part of a range of products from Sony which look to enhance the way we connect and communicate. The three other products announced by Sony are only prototypes so far with no concrete release dates. The first is called Xperia Eye and is a wearable camera which seeks to remove the need for you to look at your smartphone to take a picture. The second is call Xperia Agent and is a smart home assistant similar to Amazon's Echo but which responds to gestures as well as voices and has a built-in projector to show you the news, up-coming events and in-coming calls.

Xperia Projector Sony's prototype Xperia Projector is a smart home assistant which responds to voice and gesture and features a built-in projector. Photo: David Gilbert

The final prototype is called Xperia Porjector and is as laser-based short throw projector which allows users to interact with teh content it is displaying, with potential uses as a smart notice board for families to coordinate their lives.