Yahoo! has shed the “beta” tag off its yahoo mail, reports said.

Yahoo!, one of the leading web companies, which introduced the beta offering of its online e-mail service in October, took out the latest version of Yahoo mail to more than 200 million users worldwide. The service is now available in 43 markets and more than 25 languages around the world.

The web giant has introduced some new social-networking features, including the capability to respond to Facebook users from within the email itself rather than logging in to Facebook. Users can view videos and slideshows directly from the e-mail now.

Yahoo! has also upgraded the distribution of contacts in the service, pushing mails from the address book to the top of unread messages. Users can also text and receive instant messages from inside the e-mail program. All instant and text messages will be archived by default.

Apps from third parties including YouSendIt, a mega-file sending service and Evite, an invitation application have also been added, said a statement.