Today YAHOO! Sports announced that Yao Ming plans to retire from the NBA.

But according to a report from Chinese Web site Sina's sport's section, Yao has made no decision to leave the Houston Rockets.

According to Yao's Chinese agent Zhang Jiming, the star will not retire from the league, despite reports by YAHOO!

As with the recent questions over reports that Chinese ex-leader Jiang Zemin died, Chinese media is pitted against the foreign presses.

If Yao Ming has indeed decided to 'sit this one out' forever, maybe it's because the basketball star has taken quite the thrashing from opponents since becoming the top pick of the 2002 NBA draft.

Here's a little review of the injuries that may have contributed to Yao Ming's decision to sit this game out in perpetuity:

It's all about the left foot.

In 2005, he developed osteomyelitis in his left foot.

In 2006, Yao broke his left foot.

In 2011, he fractured his left ankle.

All the while, he was plagued by a slew of issues with his lower body.

In eight seasons, Yao missed 180 games.

He has a cult following in China, where basketball players wear jerseys with his name strewn across the back.