The Les Paul Google Doodle was a huge hit when it was first rolled on June 9th to honor what would have been the 96th birthday of legendary guitarist Les Paul.

Due to overwhelming popular demand, the doodle was extended to June 10th.  Now, it's here for good at this permanent website:

With all the great tunes you've created, we had to give the #LesPaul doodle a permanent home. Keep on rockin! tweeted Google.

The doodle allows users to play ten notes on the electric guitar, either by hovering the mouse over the guitar strings or by pressing the keyboard.  A guide on how to play it on the keyboard is here.

Since the Les Paul Google Doodles' release, YouTube and other websites have been flooded with recordings of songs Internet users played on it.  Here is a list of 5 exceptionally well done Les Paul Google Doodle performances.

While many have hailed the Les Paul Google Doodle to be the best doodle ever, it's not the only one to have found a permanent home.

The Pac-Man Doodle, which lets users play Pac-Man, is housed here:

An archive of all Google Doodles (most of them aren't interactive) is found here.