“Younger” Season 2 is about to come back and Liza (Sutton Foster) will find out if age really is just a number. The 40-year-old will continue pretending she's 26 to break into the publishing industry. However, with her boyfriend Josh (Nico Tortorella) finally in on the secret, Liza will see if someone close to her can live with her secret life. Find out what viewers should know before the Season 2 premiere:

1. Caitlin Is Back – Liza was able to hide much of her old life since her daughter Caitlin (Tess Albertson) was spending the year in India. However, her daughter’s presence will make her web of lies a little more difficult. “Definitely having Caitlin physically present back in New York and pulling on those mom strings, affects my character,” Foster told Entertainment Weekly. “The reason I’m doing all of this is for me, but it’s also for her, so to have her there, it just makes it even stronger.”

2. Relationship Drama – Though Josh knows Liza’s secret, that doesn’t mean their relationship is safe. Josh still isn’t sure he is comfortable being with Liza. “He has been trying to deal with the fact that she’s still lying to everybody else,” Tortorella told Parade. “And I think for Josh — who has lived this very authentic life — he’s really struggling to figure out what this relationship means to him.”

3. Kelsey’s Promotion – Kelsey’s (Hilary Duff) new responsibilities will make her even more attached to Liza. However, her trust makes Liza feel even more conflicted. “Kelsey gets a promotion and basically asks Liza to be her right hand man,” Foster told TV Guide. “They get even closer. I feel that they confide in each other more and more and more. She's the one person that Liza feels the most guilt about keeping all of this from. It's the one that tears her up the most.”

Watch a trailer “Younger” Season 2 below:

4. No Musical Episode – Despite a talented cast (Foster and Miriam Shor are Broadway alums, while Duff has a pop career), executive producer Darren Star will not be having them sing on the show. “No, I think that’s the one thing I promised them — no karaoke,” Star told EW. “We have a Broadway musical in the making, but we’re going to resist.”

5. Guest Stars – The New York-based show will continue grabbing stars from the Great White Way. Camryn Manheim, who is finishing up her Broadway debut in “Spring Awakening” and Matthew Morrison, who is about to leave “Finding Neverland,” will both make appearances on the show.

6. Another Season – “Younger” Season 2 could end with a cliffhanger, but fans shouldn’t worry. The TV Land comedy has already been renewed for Season 3.

“Younger” Season 2 premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on TV Land with two back-to-back episodes.