With YouTube’s Comedy Week getting under way, new original content is being released each day as part of the celebration. From the Gregory Brothers of “Bed Intruder Song” fame singing about the history of YouTube, to Improv Everywhere hosting a “Subway Car Talk Show,” there are many featured videos expected to come out this week in celebration of Comedy on YouTube. The celebration week features comedy spanning a wide range of comedy styles and artists, a testament to how much comedy has changed as a result of video on the web. Take a look at five videos that premiered on Monday, that we think you should take a look at. Warning: Some audio is NSFW.

1. TomSka - "Guitar Warfare (featuring FreddieW)"


2. The Lonely Island - "Diaper Money"


3. Gregory Brothers - "History of YouTube"


4. Improv Everywhere - "Talk Show Subway Car"


5. Reggie Watts - "Reg Rolled"

What are some comedy videos you found funny on YouTube? Let us know in the comments.