For most men, dating a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is nothing more than a fantasy. But for Oklahoma State University football player Zack Craig, current girlfriend Jordan Daigle was only a few Twitter mentions away.

Daigle, a current Cowboys cheerleader, was watching last year’s matchup between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Oklahoma Sooners when she spotted Craig on television. A safety on the OSU football team, Craig had been named a team captain for the rivalry game, a position which required the junior to participate in the pre-game and pre-overtime coin toss in front of a national audience. For Daigle, the connection was instantaneous.


“It was a really good game and it was going into overtime,” Daigle, who goes by the name “Jordan Elizabeth,” told Tulsa World. “And I remember this cute blond kid walked out to do the coin toss. I look at my friend, and I was like, ‘That guy is cute.’”

Daigle’s friend encouraged the Cowboys cheerleader to act on her crush. The friend uncovered Craig’s Twitter account and told Daigle to “follow” him, but Daigle wasn’t so sure. “That’s so weird, I don’t even know him,” she told her friend.

Eventually, Daigle relented and decided to “follow” Craig on Twitter. At first, Craig was skeptical -- receiving a follow request from a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader seemed too good to be true. Luckily, a Google search confirmed that Daigle was indeed who she claimed to be, and Craig ultimately decided to send her a message.

Before long, the Twitter friendship had blossomed into a real-life relationship. “When we first met, that spark was there,” Daigle told Tulsa World regarding the couple’s first date.

Still, Craig’s teammates at Oklahoma State weren’t convinced that he had managed to land a Cowboys cheerleader. “They were kind of shocked when it happened,” Craig said. “They really didn’t believe it at first. They thought, ‘Oh, you’ll probably hang out with her once and never see her again.’”


According to Craig, the couple’s relationship became official over spring break. Since then, Daigle has seen her boyfriend play in person for the first time and has earned a spot on the Cowboys’ cheerleading squad for the second year in a row.

“Sometimes I’m still like, ‘Is this really happening?’” Craig told Tulsa World. “She’s really determined and one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met … She’s more than I expected. She’s a lot more than a pretty face.”