So much for there being no bad blood between Zayn Malik and the remaining members of One Direction. The 22-year-old pop star took a serious jab at ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson on Twitter Wednesday after he made suggestive comments, seemingly related to a photo posted by British music producer Naughty Boy.

Naughty, whose real name is Shahid Khan, has been working closely with Malik following his March 25 split from 1D, and he shared a photo of the two together. He tweeted the image along with the words, “replace this,” which probably was a response to rumors suggesting the band is looking to fill the spot left by Malik. Tomlinson, 23, did not directly mention Malik nor Naughty Boy, but it seems clear what he meant.

The initial tweet, which was reposted upwards of 100,000 times, eventually caught the attention of Malik, who was quick to reply directly to his former friend. He fired shots asking, “remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?”

Shortly after Malik’s reply, Naughty Boy, 30, jumped in, taking a jab at Tomlinson's singing abilities. He fired back, mocking his profession as a music producer and claimed he was “riding on the back” of Malik’s career. Prior to working with the pop star, Naughty’s music career was far less noteworthy. He has, however, cowritten songs for celebrities like Leona Lewis, Cheryl Cole and Jennifer Hudson.

This is the second time Tomlinson and Naughty Boy have exchanged words online. The first time occurred on March 31 after the producer shared a series of tweets that many believed to be about Malik’s departure from the group. Hurt Directioners attacked Naughty, prompting Tomlinson to join in. He called Naughty Boy “inconsiderate” and told him to “grow up.” His response was simple -- he released a rough copy of a new single he and Malik had been working on.

None of the parties involved have commented any further.