Just over a month after she split from fiance Keith Britton, reports indicate that Avatar actress Zoe Soldana is now dating Bradley Cooper, voted the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine this year.

Back in November, Saldana and her fiance Keith Britton announced they were no longer together just hours before the actress presented the Hari Stylist of the Year prize at the 2011 Hollywood Style Awards. The couple had been together for 11 years.

Though the pair reportedly split amicably, and remain business partners and co-founders of MyFDB.com, a fashion photo and editorial database, over a decade of dating and a year of being engaged seems a lot to get over in just over a month.

Yet that is exactly what rumor mongers are claiming Zoe Saldana has done, as sources for E! magazine report that she and The Hangover star are dating and have begun sharing the news with friends and family.

'They're an item.'

They are totally dating, the anonymous source said this week, telling the entertainment and celebrity site that the actors had spent time skiing in the Rockies for the holidays.

Though Saldana's rep denied the romance just a few weeks back when the two were spotted in a club together in New York City, Saldana, 33, and Cooper, 36, who star in the upcoming The Words, have been spending a lot of time together in the past month.

Fox News blog even reported that the pair had been caught sucking face this week, and the E! source claims Saldana and Cooper are just now starting to tell family and friends that they're an item.

What about Keith Britton?

According to reports, reps for both Saldana and Cooper have yet to respond to E! News. Even if their reps deny the rumors, however, photos of the couple snuggling together like those seen at The Daily Mail (though likely from the set of their new movie, where they play a couple) are sure to keep the rumor mill well-fueled.

But as Zoe Saldana is being linked to People's Sexiest Man Alive, what about her amicable fiance, entrepreneur Keith Britton?

If Saldana is, in fact, the only woman who appears to prefer Bradley Cooper to Ryan Gosling, it will come as something of a blow to the man romantically linked to her for over ten years, and who had been engaged to the Avatar actress until November.

'This is not what he fell in love with.'

After she split from her longtime boyfriend, Zoe Saldana posted a somewhat cryptic message on Twitter, quoting Buddha on the importance of self-value. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection, she tweeted.

Reflecting on their relationship, meanwhile, Saldana said that her jet-set lifestyle as an actress may have contributed to their relationship's end.

He's [Britton] a very independent soul, she said. He understands what I do, but this is not what he fell in love with and that’s what I love.

If the Star Trek actress is indeed dating Bradley Cooper, then perhaps the two actors' similar lifestyles and passion for acting will bring a happier ending than Saldana's relationship with Britton.

The entrepreneur has yet to comment on rumors of Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper's relationship, but fans of both the stars are sure to be very (albeit a little jealously) happy for them.