Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt threw a 25th anniversary bash for his wife, who was confined to her bedroom during the majority of the evening while von Anhalt, members of the media, and random guests partied the night away in Zsa Zsa's Bel Air mansion, reports The Daily Mail.

von Anhalt paid $68,000 for a Sunset Boulevard billboard which marked the couple's 25th wedding anniversary and encouraged random passerby to "please celebrate with us."  Robert Blake, who was controversially acquitted of murdering his wife in 2005, and Sylvestor Stallone's younger brother, Frank, were among the guests.

Stallone was photographed passed out in a chair.

In a broadcast interview with KABC-TV Los Angeles, "the Prince", as he is known, said he wanted the party "to be special, I wanted it to be like 25 years ago when we got married we celebrated like that."

Zsa Zsa's husband admitted that some people gave him grief about the party, asking how he could throw a celebration when his wife is so sick.

"Look, my wife is 94-year-old," he said. "She should have everything she wants and she should have everything large. This big party is not for the guests, not for the media, not for me. This big party is for Zsa Zsa."

Gabor reportedly was wheeled into the party in her hospital bed for a few photo ops and spent the duration of the festivities confined to her bedroom, where she was visited by partygoers.

Photos show her in a pink gown and a tiara.

"She looks good, she has make-up, she has her hair done, and she has a little tiara. She has a beautiful favourite pink dress with silver on it," von Anhalt said in the KABC interview.

"She loves it," he went on. "When we put the dress on this morning she smiled all over, she was so happy. She looks really good for what she went through."

Gabor was given her last rites almost exactly a year ago, after she experienced complications and an infection from an earlier hip replacement surgery.  In January 2011, her leg was amputated after it became seriously infected. In 2005, she suffered a stroke, and was partially paralyzed in a 2002 car accident.

This past April, von Anhalt told CNN the couple was considering having a baby, using an egg donor, artificial insemination and a surrogate mother.

von Anhalt is Gabor's ninth husband. He turned 68 this past June.