• 101-year-old mother makes daring escape from a senior home in Germany
  • The country is currently under a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19
  • The elderly is at higher risk of dying from coronavirus infection

The strict and watchful eyes of senior home care providers, who have been observing a lockdown measure due to the coronavirus pandemic, proved to be no match for a centenarian. The 101-year-old mother made a perfect execution of a daring escape from her senior home in Germany just so she could see her daughter.

coronavirus outbreak lockdown forces centenarian to escape senior home to see daugher
coronavirus outbreak lockdown forces centenarian to escape senior home to see daugher Marcus Aurelius - Pexels

Longing For Her Daughter

According to reports, the centenarian longed to see her daughter so much that she decided to go see her without informing anyone at the senior home. The police, however, saw her and picked her up.

The police, in an interview with a local media outfit, said the centenarian was “missing her daughter terribly,” which is why she made the daring escape. When asked how she managed to go out unnoticed, she told authorities that she used the emergency exit of the senior home without being noticed by care providers.

Lost In The City

While the elderly mother did make a triumphant escape, she was largely unsuccessful in finding out where her daughter lived. As a result, the centenarian got lost while trying to find her daughter’s suburban home. It was during this time that authorities in the town of Brunswick saw her, according to a report by Agence France-Presse.

After asking the centenarian some details about herself, the police decided to return her to the senior home. Before they did, however, policemen in the northern German town allowed her to see her daughter. Due to the social distancing measures imposed by the government of Germany, she was not allowed to go out of the police car. The centenarian, though, was satisfied she was able to see her daughter from the safety of the patrol car she was riding.

A Dangerous Time To Venture Out

AFP reported that German authorities had imposed a nationwide lockdown for over two weeks now. Visiting senior homes is also prohibited to protect the elderly and vulnerable inhabitants. During the previous week, 22 elderly died in a senior home in Wolfsburg following COVID-19 infections, according to reports. Brunswick prosecutors are currently investigating the case.

As of posting, Germany has 113,206 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. The fatalities have reached a staggering 2,349. Health experts say that the elderly and vulnerable are at a high risk of dying from a coronavirus infection. This is why government authorities in many countries have issued a stay-at-home order for those who are considered vulnerable and elderly.