Representation: Spaghetti. Pixabay


  • Los Angeles has its fair share of good pasta favorites to help you celebrate National Pasta Day
  • You'll have to act fast if you want to taste the lasagna from Sunday Gravy
  • Antico Nuovo perfectly prepares pappardelle with beef cheek and veal tongue bolognese

Pasta is one of the beloved favorites in Los Angeles and most other places around the world. Aside from the perfect combination of pasta and sauces to choose from, there is a lot of Italian culture that goes into each plate of authentic pasta. Los Angeles has its fair share of favorites to help you celebrate National Pasta Day in 2022.

Here are 12 of your best options:

1. Lasagna From Sunday Gravy

You'll have to act fast if you want to taste the lasagna from Sunday Gravy – because if you're not lucky, you'll find that the comfort food has already sold out. They serve a different lasagna every weekend, and according to Eater, they've even had to increase the production of their lasagna due to popular demand.

One of their best-sellers is the classic beef and ricotta lasagna, a crowd-favorite that also pairs well with the cheesy garlic bread, another memorable treat from the restaurant. Other lasagna options are shrimp alfredo, garlic chicken and hearty bolognese. Patrons call ahead to know the weekend's lasagna options, a practice you might want to follow to prepare for your dining experience.

2. Cacio E Pepe From Mother Wolf

Eater calls Mother Wolf "Evan Funke's LA Ode to Roman Dedication." When you taste the cacio e pepe from this restaurant, you will see the different influences that inspired the chef. From his varied experience making pasta in Culver City to Rome and now to Hollywood, it's no wonder the food is as famed as its creator. Classics such as cacio e pepe, rigatoni all'amatriciana and spaghettone alla gricia are on offer using homemade pasta, cooked to perfection. For those who want a little bit of heat, Mother Wolf also serves a mean arrabiata.

3. Pappardelle With Beef Cheek And Veal Tongue Bolognese From Antico Nuovo

Antico Nuovo prepares pappardelle with beef cheek and veal tongue bolognese to a level of tenderness that can only be considered divine. The meat-to-pasta ratio is just right to savor the tenderness of the meat and the creaminess of the sauce. You can never go wrong with anything on the menu, but if you must choose, finish your meal with honeycomb ice cream for the best experience dining out in LA.

4. Nonna's Tagliatelle Bolognese From Rossoblu

Putting a Californian twist on the classic bolognese, Rossoblu is a must-try for diners looking for the best pasta dish in LA. Their tagliatelle bolognese features homemade pasta that is fluffy and tender, while the sauce is perfectly seasoned to hit the palette. It's a good recommendation for first-timers in Rossoblu, paired with tiramisu for dessert. Adding to the charm of Rossoblu is its Danish Modern accents and well-edited wine list, according to Conde Nast.

5. Squid Ink Pasta From Union

Chef Christopher Keyser is behind the unique food options at Union restaurant, including the fan-favorite squid ink pasta with lobster and pork ragu. The Infatuation considers Union one of the best makers of pasta in Northeast LA. They make everything in-house. They also offer squid ink garganelli and the classic cacio e pepe. Finish your meal with the olive oil cake, another best-seller from the restaurant.

6. Rigatoni Arcobaleno From Terroni

Despite being packed most of the time, the vibe in Terroni keeps the dining experience enjoyable. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will enjoy the Rigatoni Arcobaleno with homemade rigatoni and fresh burrata, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, light tomato sauce and extra-virgin oil. It packs a flavorful punch with each bite, and the portion is enough to not leave you wanting more. Another great pasta to try is the spaghetti al limone, with many patrons recommending ordering both and sharing with your group.

7. Uni Pasta From Angelini Osteria

One of its famed best-sellers is the uni pasta and for good reason. You taste the sea in each bite, with a pronounced flavor of uni, a hint of sweetness and creaminess with lots of umami. If you need more evidence to try Angelini Osteria, just know that famed chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck dreamt about the light, delicate flavors of Angelini Osteria's Salt-Crusted Branzino, according to Food Network.

8. Porcini Mushroom Pasta From Pasta Sisters

Creamy sauce, fresh Italian porcini and flavorful parsley. What's not to love about Pasta Sisters' porcini mushroom? Whether you choose to pair it with pappardelle or tagliatelle, the richness of the sauce coats the handmade pasta evenly for the perfect bite. Pasta Sisters also has truffle pasta and gnocchi for those who want a feast of pasta on the table.

9. Alla Vodka Pasta From Etta Culver City

From the perfectly al dente pasta to the creamy, flavorful sauce and the tasty garlic, this dish is worth every penny. Fair warning, this pasta packs a punch so it's not for the weak of heart. If you're visiting Etta for the first time with a big group, consider several orders so that everyone can have enough to taste. Balance the vodka pasta with the bolognese or go for the "Porrón & a Polaroid" experience – a one-of-a-kind treat from Etta.

10. Red Beet Ravioli From Colapasta Restaurant

Helmed by the former chef of Michelin-starred La Botte, Stefano De Lorenzo is a seasoned Italian chef offering fresh pasta to Santa Monica at Colapasta. Shaped like half moons, the must-try red beet ravioli is a piece of art even before you taste the brown butter sauce and poppy seeds. It's a sweet and salty combination that pairs well with the earthiness of beets – sure to be a hit for everyone in your dinner crew. The chef serves the sauce at the table, adding to the fanfare of this dish.

11. Classic Carbonara From Uovo

Uovo's handmade fresh pasta comes right out of their kitchen in Bologna, Italy. Their other ingredients are also as Italian as can be, allowing them to give one of the best pasta experiences in Los Angeles. Their authentic carbonara comes at a good price for its creamy texture and rich cheesiness. Repeat customers go back for another bite of the carbonara, but if you want to experiment, go for the Pomodorini e Basilico on your next visit.

12. Spaghetti And Meatballs From JR's Pasta

If you're looking for hearty, sauce-loaded pasta goodness for takeaway, go for the spaghetti and meatballs from JR's Pasta. It's a treat you can enjoy with the whole family in the comfort of your own home. JR's Pasta is a sister restaurant of Little Coyote pizza, another crowd-pleaser when it comes to Italian comfort food, so you know you're in good hands.