Microsoft announced it will give $1,500 bonuses to many of its employees due to the challenging year of the pandemic. Microsoft’s chief people officer Kathleen Hogan announced the good news in a message to employees on Thursday.

The message sent to employees read that the bonus, “is in recognition of the unique and challenging fiscal year that Microsoft just completed.” The internal memo was first seen by The Verge, which reported the bonus.

The gesture will be a costly one for Microsoft, which brings in about $125 billion a year in revenue. The latest figure was $200 million, according to Microsoft's annual report last updated in 2019.

The bonus is a part of the effort to keep tech workers happy everywhere, following tech giants like Amazon and Facebook in offering employees bonuses amid massive profits during the pandemic.

Microsoft’s generous offering is to keep employees happy after a long year. In hopes that employees will stay on board with the fear of workers opening up to new job changes due to the “Great Resignation,” many tech companies are being considerate of workers retention.

“As a symbol of our appreciation for coming together as One Microsoft during a uniquely challenging year, we are proud to recognize our employees with a one-time monetary gift,” a Microsoft spokesperson told GeekWire.

Microsoft has 175,508 employees worldwide, 101,277 in the U.S., and 57,651 in the Puget Sound-area near its headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

The bonuses will go out in July or August to employees in the U.S. and abroad. Employees of Microsoft’s GitHub, LinkedIn, and Zenimax subsidiaries will not receive the bonus.