Israel has unveiled a 2,000-year-old ancient road, known as the Pilgrim’s Road Staircase, which is believed to have been walked on by Jesus Christ in ancient Jerusalem. It's believed that Jesus used the staircase to go to an ancient Jewish Temple.

The discovery was made in 2004 when workers were fixing a damaged sewer pipe found in the Pool of Sialom, a sacred Christian site where Jesus is believed to have healed a blind man.

Pilgrim's Road Jersualem
This is the road that is believed to have been taken by Jesus Christ thousands of years ago to walk up to a Jewish Temple. The Sun

The City of David Foundation (CDF) vice-president Doron Spielman described the discovery of the Pilgrimage Road, which was hidden under a potato field, as a surprise. Unlike most archaeological digs, Spielman said this excavation was done subterraneously, beneath the hustle and bustle of modern Jerusalem. “Dozens of fiber optic cable cameras were used to decipher where to excavate, while maps and diagrams made by archaeologists over the last century and a half paved the way forward,” he explained.

Spielman added that people from all over the world will now be able to connect with the ancient history by walking through a 350-yard stretch of tunnel along the ancient street that ran uphill to the Jewish Temple.

The U.S Ambassador, David Friedman, who was at the unveiling ceremony on Sunday, said the fully-preserved road has brought the Bible back to life. “From a sewage pipe that burst 15 years ago came these excavations that resulted in the discovery of the Pool of Sialom, and the entire road, not a relic, not an antiquity, but an entire road intact from that pool ascending to the Temple,” he said.

Friedman told Fox News that the experience is spiritual. “We know that Jesus took this road. We know his visits to the Temple are well-documented. So you really have the opportunity to immerse yourself in ancient history in this incredible, stunning discovery,” he said. “The spiritual underpinning, the bedrock of our principles as a nation for the United States, comes from Jerusalem. So this site is a heritage site for America as well as for Israel,” Friedman explained.