The 2012 Home Run Derby was a big hit on social media, particularly Twitter, on Monday night.

Multiple players and announcers were trending throughout Monday night as some of Major League Baseball's best tried to hit as many home runs as possible at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., during this year's All-Star Game Festivities.

The Home Run Derby also had All-Stars tweeting throughout the event, including American League captain Robinson Cano, who was a source of another trending topic after hitting zero home runs. It was the first time that a Major League Baseball event had players live-tweeting, according to MLB's executive vice president for business.

It's the first time we're going to have players engaging on social platforms in a game that has real meaning, Tim Brosnan told Mashable. Our feedback is players want to be closer to the game, inside the game minute by minute, and this is a way to do that.

Detroit Tiger first baseman Prince Fielder eventually won the event, but ESPN host Chris Berman was the source of more tweets during the event. The legendary sportscaster, known for his inane nicknames and play-calling, generated a firestorm of hate for his signature Back-Back-Back call for home runs.

Some of the most bombastic tweets about Berman were:

@SpiritofMoses, If the 10 plagues hadn't convinced Pharaoh to free the Hebrews, I was prepared to break out the 11th, Chris Berman's voice.

@Dave_bentley who does Chris Berman have blackmail material on at @ESPN that they still put him on tv? #HRDerby

@willbrinson Home Run Derby is like a trip to Applebee's. Sounds good about once a year. And then you get there. Also, Chris Berman.

While many of the tweets may have scorned Berman and ESPN's coverage of the event, it is still a big win for baseball to get so much attention on a day with little else going on in the sports world.