• A tech site has created renders for the 2020 iPad Air
  • The renders are based on leaks on the internet
  • The device is expected to arrive later this year

A tech site has created renders for the 2020 iPad Air based on the leaks on the internet. What could the new device give users when it arrives?

Renders showing how the upcoming 2020 iPad Air could look like have surfaced on the internet. These renders, created by (via Notebookcheck), are based on leaks that have made their rounds on the world wide web. What do the renders reveal about the upcoming device? Here's a quick look:

A new design

The renders show that the upcoming iPad Air, which is believed to arrive later in the year, will try to imitate the iPad Pro and have slimmer bezels than ever. The slimmer bezels will mean the screen can increase from the previous 10.5 inches to 11 inches. It's unclear whether the device will use an LCD screen or an OLED display.

In-display fingerprint reader

The renders show that the device won't have a notch on top for Face ID components. This indicates that the iPad Air will use Touch ID for authentication. The device will not use a physical Home button for this purpose, however; instead, it will use an in-display fingerprint scanner to authenticate users. Svetapple did not indicate where the scanner will be located.

Single front and rear camera

The iPad Air, as seen in the renders, will only have one front-facing camera, located at the top bezel. It will also have only one rear-mounted camera, located at the top-left corner of the device.The site didn't specify what kind of lens this will be, but it might be recessed just like how it is on the existing iPad Air. The device will not have a LiDAR scanner.

Two speakers

The site believes that the upcoming iPad Air will not have four speakers. Instead, the device will likely “retain the same concept as its predecessor” and have only two speakers, both located at the bottom of the device. The speakers will be found at the left and right side of the charging port, which the site hopes to be USB-C.


Svetapple thinks “Apple will be more modest with technology” for the device, and might equip it with an A12X Bionic processor and 4GB of RAM. This modesty could be explained by previous reports claiming that Cupertino might aim to make the upcoming 11-inch iPad Air affordable amid the COVID-19 pandemic.