Russian soldiers run along Red Square on September 29, 2022 prior to a ceremony announcing the incorporation of Ukrainian territories into Russia


  • German company Vansped Logistics supplied technical equipment for foundries to Moscow-based Stan LLC
  • Stan carried out technical re-equipment of a company overseeing aircraft maintenance for the Russian army
  • Two German companies also supplied materials for tactical boots used by Russian soldiers

More than two dozen European companies are allegedly still helping supply the Russian army with tactical goods despite sanctions placed by the West over Moscow's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a recent report showed.

The sanctions aimed to prevent Western supplies and equipment from being imported by Russian firms. However, there are still several European firms that continue to sell goods to Russian defense companies with ties to the country's army. These companies were reportedly found particularly in Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Austria and Poland, per the independent investigative news publication The Insider.

One such company named by the publication is Vansped Logistics, a German company working on behalf of Reißaus & Baumberg Maschinenbau GmbH. The company has allegedly supplied Moscow-based Stan LLC with technical equipment for foundries in July 2022, nearly five months after the start of the war.

The outlet claimed that Stan LLC previously carried out technical re-equipment of the 123rd Aviation Repair Plant, which oversees the maintenance of military aircraft for the Russian army. Additionally, the report said that it is also a contractor of Tactical Missiles Corporation which makes anti-ship missiles through one of its subsidiaries.

German companies Jakob KECK Chemie GmbH and Salamander SPS GmbH & Co. KG, as well as the Italian company Tacchificio Campliglionese, had also allegedly supplied leather, shoe glue and soles to Rostov-based Donobuv, which manufactures tactical boots for Russian soldiers.

The Insider also claimed that the Italian company, Minelli Carmello, has supplied cutting tools to NPP Class, which manufactures body armor for Russia's military and security services.

The report also cited Radiall S.A., a French company, which it claimed supplied switches to be used in the development and production of spacecraft and navigation systems overseen by Russia's JSC Information Satellite Systems (ISS). The ISS also develops satellite communications systems for the Russian Defense Ministry.

It is important to note, however, that the ISS has only been sanctioned by the United States. This means it can still import switches from the European Union.

It is unclear whether the companies are still involved in such transactions with Russian companies. The documentation the outlet presented showed orders made only in 2022. The International Business Times could not independently verify the claims made in the report.

Despite heavy sanctions from Western countries, Russia stands firm in its effort to invade Ukraine. Since Feb. 24, 2022, when President Vladimir Putin announced the "special military operation" in a televised address, the country has seen a decline in both its economy and workforce.

Russian soldiers visibly set up base in the school, leaving military rations, a filthy mattress and a uniform behind