• The carts were sold starting the early 1980s
  • The most recent incident related to the carts happened in 2016
  • Affected customers should stop using it until they have installed the repairs

A company is voluntarily recalling more than 80,000 metal and plastic audiovisual (A/V) carts because of a potential tip-over hazard. This comes after reports of three child deaths.

The problem with the recalled Luxor A/V carts is that they may become unstable if a heavy object is loaded onto them, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announcement. This may then pose a tipping hazard for children.

Three children reportedly died between 2006 and 2016, while another got "seriously injured" when the recalled carts loaded with a "box-shaped" TV (cathode-ray tube TV/CRT TV) tipped over and fell onto them, the announcement noted. The most recent one happened in 2016. No cases of such tip-over incidents were logged from places that did not have children present.

"All consumers, including individuals, schools, daycare centers and places of worship, among others, that use these carts to transport audio or video equipment where children may be present should be aware of the danger posed by the carts when loaded with CRT TVs," the announcement noted.

Those who are in possession of the recalled carts are being advised to stop using them. They should then contact Luxor to get a free repair kit as well as a new warning label not to place more than 25 pounds on each shelf. They may request the repair kit using this form.

The recall affects certain plastic or metal cart models. The full list of affected items is available on the CPSC website. These were sold since the early 1980s via various websites.

More photos of the recalled carts are available on the CPSC and Luxor recall websites. The carts shouldn't be used until the repairs have been made and the new warning label has been installed, the company noted.

Affected customers are being advised to not leave unsupervised children near the cart, especially if it's holding a heavy object such as a CRT TV.

"Consumers should not use the top shelf of the recalled A/V carts to transport anything over 25 pounds, including a CRT TV or any other heavy A/V equipment on each shelf," the company noted. "Consumers should disregard any instructional or marketing materials related to the suggested weight limits for the products."

The carts shouldn't be donated or resold before repairs are made, either, so as not to put others in danger, the company urged.

In total, some 84,700 carts are affected by the recall, which is also being issued in Canada, where some 4,150 units were sold.

Affected customers need not contact the seller of the cart, as Luxor is taking care of the recall, the company noted. Those with questions may contact the company at 1-800-323-4656.

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