Authorities claim at least two miners have been injured and three have been trapped underground following a fire in a zinc mine in eastern Tennessee.

Sammy Solomon, captain of New Market Volunteer Fire and Rescue in Jefferson County told the Associated Press that he is not yet aware of how the fire started Wednesday.

Although some miners have escaped unharmed, three remain trapped underground. He told the AP that he believes the miners would be reached soon. A mine rescue team was called to New Market, Tenn. to help the miners.

The fire on the drill rig was approximately 800 feet deep and 54 people had been working in the mile at the time of the accident. WLVT reports that the drill rig is run by diesel fuel and the mine was quickly filled with smoke.

The three trapped miners are secure in a bunker, but the AP reported that at least two of the injured miners suffered smoke inhalation and were taken to the hospital.