Ferraris may be fast, but one wasn’t quick enough to escape getting crushed.

A $300,000 Ferrari FF was double-parked on Columbus Avenue in New York City on Oct. 30 when a delivery truck accidentally backed onto the luxury sports car. The unnamed driver of the Baldor Foods Inc. truck said he “didn’t see nothing” when he reversed, crushing the front of the Ferrari, NBC News reports.

The driver of the Ferrari was a paid driver, but the owner arrived shortly after the incident and was apparently “displeased,” automotive website Jalopnik reports. Police on the scene had yet to determine who was at fault in the accident.  

The truck was eventually pulled off the Ferrari FF, which had some severe scratches and scrapes on the hood. A fuller inspection will determine whether anything mechanical was damaged, the Independent reports.



This isn’t the first incident involving a sports car and a truck. In March, a man driving a Corvette Z06 narrowly escaped being decapitated when he rammed into the back of a box truck on the 405 Freeway in California.

“The Corvette must have been overtaking a few other cars and then all of a sudden he saw the slowing truck and went up the back of it,” retired Los Angeles firefighter Rick McClure told the Daily Mail. “I was first at the scene and it was unbelievable to see the guy in the Corvette talking. He had some minor injuries but was in good spirits considering what had happened.”