American businessman Christopher Cox banged up a $31 million 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO in an accident near Le Mans, France, that left his wife with a broken leg, reports said Tuesday.

The ultra-expensive Ferrari 250 GTO smashed into another car, which was attempting to overtake the Ferrari. Cox's wife, Ann, and two passengers in the other car were hospitalized, according to the Chicago Tribune. There was no word on the damage to the car, but this could be one of the costliest fender-benders in automotive history.

The car, one of a limited edition of 39, originally sold in 1962 for £6,000 ($9,297), according to Metro UK. The Ferrari was originally red and later repainted blue and yellow. It was part of a group of sportscars being driven by 21 multimillionaires, who were participating in a 50th anniversary drive on behalf of the car. The total value of the cars on the road would likely exceed $650 million at auction.