Apple iPod Touch
Is a 3G iPod Touch on its way?

If rumors are to be believed then iPad and iPhone maker Apple is developing a 3G iPod Touch which previously supported only WiFi.

The rumored iPod Touch 3G could see a big savings for users who spend nearly $100 per month for their iPhone voice and data plans.

The release of the rumored device can prove to be a major setback for the company’s iPhone which, according to a latest study, is mostly used for internet surfing, making use of instant message apps, listening to music and taking photos.

The current iPod Touch already allows users to make free use of apps like Skype and Google Voice, but it only works on WiFi. A new 3G model will let users communicate even away from a WiFi connection.

A 3G iPod Touch, however, may force carriers like Verizon to think twice as there is a possibility for them to lose money when customers will start ditching their current iPhones for the new 3G enabled device and there will be a massive rise in data to deal with.

The latest rumors came from a Dutch Blog called AppleSpot, the Geek reported.